Best dentist near me

Many people avoid going to the dentist, although dental visits are critical to their oral health. One of the biggest reasons patients aren’t fond of dental offices is anxiety. Amenities in a dental office go a long way in creating a comfortable and calming environment for patients, encouraging frequent visits. If you’re looking for “the best dentist near me,” your search ends with us. At Manhattan Dental Care, we’re dedicated to offering second to none dentistry in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. We want you to feel comfortable and calm before and during treatment.

As one of the best dental clinics, we’re also committed to helping you understand all the treatment options available to you. That way, you can make a well-informed decision regarding your care. Our modern approach to dentistry includes the most up-to-date advanced technology and patient involvement to improve outcomes and ensure your utmost comfort.

Patient Amenities and Offerings

As one of the top dental clinics, we go above and beyond to make your visits to your dental practice are as pleasant as possible. Our range of offerings and amenities include:

Soothing D├ęcor

Our comprehensive and complete style of dentistry delivers a dental experience that’s refreshing. From our gentle, high-quality dentistry to our soothing ambiance, you’ll enter our doors and leave feeling safe and well cared for. Our office is designed to create a relaxing effect so you’ll always look forward to your next visit.

iPads Stocked with Music

Whether you need something to keep your mind occupied, calm your nerves, or reduce stress, you can listen to our music collection as you wait for your turn to see the dentist. Music serves as an excellent distraction and can help you cancel out the noise and relax.

Coffee and Beverages

Our dental practice provides a selection of beverages for you to enjoy while you’re waiting. Don’t hesitate to let us know what you want.

Flexible Scheduling and Extended Hours

As part of your commitment to delivering top-of-the-line dental services, we offer flexible scheduling and extended hours to accommodate the fast-paced schedules of families and busy professionals. This means you can conveniently fit a dental appointment into your day without disrupting your obligations.

Hovering Monitors

While visiting Manhattan Dental Care, you can relax with Netflix on hovering monitors placed in our waiting room. Our dental spa environment is pretty unique and allows you to catch up on your favorite movies and shows with noise-canceling headphones.

Other Amenities and Offerings

Our other offerings and amenities like zero wait times, universal cell phone chargers, post-op protein shakes, massage dental chairs, blankets, and painless injection techniques will keep you calm and make your visit feel more like a spa visit instead of a trip to nearby dental clinics. You may want to extend your stay with us.

Enjoy a Relaxing and Calming Atmosphere

Do you need the “best dentist near me?” We’re the go-to dental clinic, and for good reason. At Manhattan Dental Care, our top-rated dentists strive to enhance your dental experience by providing a high comfort and low-pressure environment. We want nothing more than to see you relaxed and well-taken care of. If you can’t wait to find a “top dentist near me” and experience the Manhattan Dental Care difference, schedule first appointment now: 310-546-4675.

Best dentist near me