Dental crown Manhattan Beach

A dental crown is a dental cap that covers and protects the enamel of a tooth that has decayed or suffered considerable damage. Instead of extracting your tooth, dentists prefer using a dental crown in Manhattan Beach to save it. A dental crown helps to restore aesthetics and function to your tooth. Other times, crowns can be used in cosmetic dentistry to match discolored teeth to whiter teeth or address spacing issues. If you need a dental crown, our local dentist at Manhattan Dental Care will custom design one for you.

When Is A Dental Crown Used?

There are various reasons your tooth may need a dental crown, including:

  • To restore a worn-down tooth.
  • When filling isn’t able to cover a heavily decayed tooth.
  • Dental implant restoration.
  • Hold a dental bridge in position.
  • Repair damaged teeth and prevent infection.
  • A badly chipped or fractured tooth.
  • You’re undergoing a root canal, and your tooth structure needs to be preserved.
  • To enhance the cosmetic appearance of a severely discolored or misshaped tooth.
  • For kids, protecting teeth that are more likely to decay as a result of being unable to clean them properly.

Types of Dental Crowns

The different types of tooth crowns include:

Ceramic Crown

Ceramic crowns are made using a porcelain-based material. The advantage of ceramic is that it’s durable, stain-resistant, and closely mimics your natural tooth color. That said, it can wear down with time due to chewing. If you require a crown on a visible front tooth, go for a ceramic crown.

Gold Allow Crowns

 These crowns are fabricated from gold, copper, and other metals. Gold alloy crowns don’t fracture, and neither do they wear away your tooth. They can withstand chewing and biting forces, making them an excellent choice for fixing molars.

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

Also known as PFM crowns, porcelain fused to metal crowns are constructed using a metal base with porcelain connected at the top. This crown has a stronger bond and is more durable than normal porcelain due to its metal structure. Patients who don’t prefer the metallic look of a metal crown but still want the strength choose PFM crowns. But due to porcelain, this crown can wear faster, and the metal ring might be visible if your gums recede.

Base Metal Alloy Crowns

A base metal alloy crown is a mix of non-noble and noble metals. It’s made up mainly of nickel and chromium and less than 25 percent of non-noble metals, including gold, platinum, palladium, and silver. Base metal alloy crowns have remarkable bite strength and are highly resistant to corrosion. If you’re allergic to some types of metal, this crown may not be the best option. Also, they’re mostly used for the back molars since they don’t look natural.

 Resin Crowns

While these are the least expensive option and blend well with your natural teeth, they come with disadvantages. The resin material wears out faster compared to other materials. This means resin crowns are replaced more quickly than other crowns.

Affordable Dental Crowns

When your tooth has been extensively damaged by physical trauma or decay, a dental crown is often used to restore its strength and shape while preventing more harm. At Manhattan Dental Care, we can customize a dental crown in Manhattan Beach just for you to improve the function as well as the appearance of your smile. To find out if you need a dental crown, schedule first appointment now: 310-546-4675.

Dental crown Manhattan Beach