At Indiana Inpatient Rehab, we offer a warm and welcoming environment with the finest amenities to help patients heal and recover. At our drug rehab in Indianapolis, IN, we equip you with essential skills to lead a happier and fulfilling life.

Tips to restore trust with loved ones after addiction treatment

It takes time to mend trust and rekindle lost relationships. You need to earn their trust, which can take time and patience. Some of the ways to fix relationships after rehab are:

  • Keep up your word with your loved ones who are now carefully watching every move of yours. Attend aftercare programs regularly to show them your commitment to sobriety.
  • Be honest with your loved ones to regain their trust. Communicate your feelings, and fears to them so that they can be an integral part of your recovery process.
  • Attend family counseling sessions at rehab facilities to mend dysfunctional family dynamics.

At our drug rehab in Indianapolis, IN, we offer valuable advice and tips to our patients to help them lead a safe and healthy life after rehab. We also offer family therapy sessions and counseling sessions for friends and loved ones to help the recovering addict in their life after rehab.

What happens after I leave rehab?

Maintaining sobriety is a lifelong process. The inpatient rehab program is only the beginning of your recovery process. It will take plenty of determination and hard work to get to where you were before addiction. However, you will always have continuing care programs, support from family, and close friends to help you re-adjust to the outside world.

The immediate six months following rehab is the toughest period, and a lot of recovering addicts give into relapse during this period. Having a clear-cut plan to safeguard yourself from triggers and surrounding yourself with a supportive network of drug-free people can help you overcome this challenging period.

What types of aftercare do rehabs offer?

In your life after rehab, you will face challenging situations which can trigger a relapse. Attending continuing support programs offered by rehab facilities can help you maintain sobriety. Some of the aftercare programs offered by rehab facilities are:

  • Individual Therapy – Most rehab centers allow their ex-patients to seek the help of therapists whenever they feel tempted. You can schedule weekly sessions with a therapist to help you maintain a healthy state of mind and body.
  • Check-ups – Some rehab centers offer regular check-ups after treatment. A clinical staff team will conduct routine examinations to ensure that you are maintaining sobriety after treatment.
  • Support groups – We offer NA and AA support groups that function based on the 12-Step model. These will help our patients meet up weekly or bi-monthly to discuss their recovery journey, the challenges in the process, the progress, etc.

Indiana Inpatient Rehab is an accredited treatment center for alcohol/drug addiction and mental disorders. At our drug rehab in Indianapolis, IN we follow the highest standards of expertise, treatment programs, and patient outcomes. Call us today to discuss your needs.

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