Invisalign Manhattan Beach

Discover the advantages of choosing clear Invisalign in Manhattan Beach when you’re thinking about improving the appearance of your smile. Invisalign clear braces are affordable, versatile, and removable, so you won’t feel imprisoned by metal braces for an extended length of time. Removable Invisalign can come out for up to two full hours a day without impeding progress when moving teeth into place. Book a free Invisalign consultation today by calling Manhattan Dental Care Studio at 310-546-46745- let us answer your Invisalign questions and help you select the right treatment plan.

Pros And Cons Of Invisalign Braces

One of the main reasons why Invisalign has become so popular with patients is the fact that clear Invisalign is associated with numerous benefits and not many drawbacks. By speaking with an Invisalign specialist in our clinic, you can gain access to all the information you need to make a wise decision regarding your treatment plan. Our local oprthodontist ‘near me’ can discuss the benefits of Invisalign for adults and teens when you contact our office to set up a visit. Some of the most common perks of Invisalign treatment include:

  • Smooth, wireless profile that won’t poke soft mouth tissue or irritate skin
  • Take out Invisalign while eating, brushing, enjoying crunchy snacks, or to simply take a break from wearing your braces
  • Clear Invisalign is virtually undetectable- so no one will know your straightening unless you tell them
  • Office visits are more enjoyable and take up less of your time
  • Change out aligners every few weeks with no wire tightening
  • Smile with confidence knowing that others will only see your teeth- not your braces
  • Invisalign treatment takes about the same amount of time as conventional braces

What Are The Drawbacks?

There’s a chance that Invisalign may cost a bit more than traditional metal braces, however, most orthodontists prefer to stay in-line with what the ADA recommends. If you qualify for financing, you’ll pay little or nothing upfront and a small monthly payment throughout your treatment plan. Discuss the costs of Invisalign in Manhattan Beach with our staff if you’re interested in owning a picture-perfect smile.

Am I A Good Candidate For Invisalign Braces?

Only a qualified Invisalign dentist can make that determination, however, there’s a good chance Invisalign will work for you if you have an overbite, underbite, crossbite, spacing issues, or crowding problems. Until relatively recently, the only solution to an improper bite was a mouthful of metal appliances that were uncomfortable and glaringly obvious to others around you. That’s happily not the case anymore, thanks to Invisalign virtually invisible braces.

You’ll find a wealth of free information and resource on our website when you click the ‘Invisalign’ link on our homepage. Take advantage of the free consultation offer and come in to see our staff; bring your list of questions, as well. We’ll provide additional take-home information for you to look over with your family to help you determine whether Invisalign is right for you. To set up your initial visit, call Manhattam Dental Care Studio at 310-546-4675.

Invisalign Manhattan Beach