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The Power of Prevention

Prevention is critical to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Yet, a lot of people avoid the dentist due to anxiety or because appointments feel like one more commitment on a long to-do list. This can lead to the need for extensive, complicated dental work down the road. We truly believe that when you actually like going to the dentist, taking the steps necessary to maintain your oral health won’t feel overwhelming. That’s why we make visits as convenient, painless and relaxing as possible. Our array of preventative services can help you ward off restorative procedures altogether or, at the very least, allow us to catch problems early for a quicker, less invasive fix. The MDCS team will listen to your needs and concerns and formulate a customized plan to ensure you’re getting the best care for that one-of-a-kind smile.
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Dental Exams

These routine visits are the most important step in the fight against tooth decay and oral disease.

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Periodic Cleanings

Professional cleanings eliminate the plaque that can’t be addressed with regular homecare.

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Dental Sealants

Quickly and painlessly protect your teeth from cavities before they even have a chance to start.

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Night Guards

We create custom night guards to treat sleep apnea and minimize the effects of teeth grinding.

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Invisalign is a comfortable, nearly invisible way to straighten teeth for a healthier smile.

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We make achieving and maintaining a healthy smile convenient and comfortable.