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Gentle Extractions to Give You Peace of Mind

Natural teeth are ideal for biting and grinding as well as for maintaining the structure of the mouth and jawbone. That’s why we first try to restore your natural tooth by repairing it before we resort to removing it. However, a complete removal of the tooth, referred to as a tooth extraction, might be necessary due to trauma, disease, decay or in preparation for the placement of a dental implant. Tooth extraction isn’t as difficult or frightening as many people think if it’s performed by an experienced and gentle dentist. Our doctors have the expertise, compassion and skill to extract a tooth quickly and as painlessly as possible.
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What to Expect During a
Tooth Extraction

We always begin by giving you an anesthetic to numb your mouth and reduce discomfort. We can also use sedation techniques if you’re experiencing anxiety about the procedure. Once you’re comfortable and have no feeling in the area, we remove the tooth. There will be some slight bleeding for the first several days after an extraction. Sometimes, patients are concerned about the amount of bleeding but in reality it looks more intense than it is because a small amount of blood is mixed with a large amount of saliva. It’s also normal to experience minor pain and swelling as well but both will resolve quickly.


Your mouth will still be numb for a few hours following the procedure. Try to avoid eating any food that requires chewing until you regain feeling because it’s easy to bite your tongue, lip or cheek. To control bleeding, fold a piece of clean cotton material to form a pad that’s thick enough to bite on. Place the pad on the extraction site and then press your teeth together to apply some pressure. Bite firmly for about 15 minutes and swap out the pad for a new one whenever you feel it’s soaked. You can minimize swelling and discomfort by holding an ice pack to your face near the extraction area. Give us a call if bleeding continues for one to two hours or pain and swelling persist after a day or two.

We’ll make you feel completely comfortable before, during and after the procedure and we’ll walk you through every stage of the process so you know what to expect.

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