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Accelerated Invisalign – Straight Teeth in Half the Time

If you dream having a beautiful smile but worry about how long it will take to achieve it, we have the answer. At MDCS, we’re proud to offer our patients accelerated Invisalign with Propel® technology. The cutting-edge line of devices can cut your treatment time in half!
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What is Invisalign
Invisalign FAQs
What is
Invisalign is the best choice for realigning your teeth!  Our aim is always to help our patients get the results they want more comfortably and quickly. The Propel® series enables us to do just that. We offer both the Propel® Accelerator PT™ and the Propel® VPro5™, which work in conjunction with Invisalign. They stimulate bone remodeling, a natural process that occurs in the body, to move teeth faster and more predictably. You’ll change aligners every three to five days instead of every two weeks, allowing you to finish treatment earlier and with fewer office visits. The Accelerator PT™ is a chair-side device that Dr. Gutierrez can use at your regular appointments. A session takes minutes to complete and has zero down time. The VPro5™ is a handheld accessory that patients take home and wear for just five minutes a day.
Propel Excellerator PT
How Does Invisalign Propel® Accelerator PT™ Work?

Invisalign treatment with the Accelerator PT™ is performed in our office located in Manhattan Beach, CA and only takes a few minutes. The dental handpiece creates micro-perforations (the size of pinholes) in the bone around the tooth roots. This causes the body’s natural inflammatory response to kick in, which encourages the release of cells involved in bone remodeling. Studies have shown this speeds up tooth movement by more than double and can reduce Invisalign treatment time by up to 62%. Patients report little to no pain during the procedure. While it depends on the complexity of your case, most people require one or two treatments with their Invisalign case.

Propel VPro5
How Does Invisalign Propel® VPro5™ Work?

You can complete Invisalign treatment at home or on the go with this small, portable device. Simply bite down on the VPro5™ mouthpiece for five minutes a day while it generates painless vibrations. The vibrations stimulate bone regeneration and remodeling, aid in aligner seating and increase bone density for faster, more reliable tooth movements. It can reduce the duration of your Invisalign treatment by as much as 50%. As an added bonus, using the VPro5™ even makes wearing your aligners more comfortable.

Achieve a beautiful smile in half the time with our options for accelerated Invisalign treatment.