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Undetectable Restorations for Strong, Beautiful Teeth

When decay strikes or cracks or fractures form in a tooth, it’s essential to repair it to prevent further damage and rebuild its structure. If left untreated, you could potentially need more extensive dental work including a root canal or extraction. We can often fix decay and damage with tooth-colored fillings, which strengthen the tooth and restore its appearance and function. These composite fillings blend seamlessly into your smile and you won’t be left with a dark, noticeable restoration like you would with a silver amalgam filling. With proper care, tooth-colored fillings can last for many years. We rely on advanced dentistry at MDCS, so Tooth fillings don’t just look amazing but the procedure itself is quick, painless and stress-free.
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How are
Fillings Placed?
We start the procedure by numbing the area. Any tooth decay is removed (don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing), the space is cleaned, primed and then filled with a strong, biocompatible composite resin that’s matched to the color of the rest of your teeth. After hardening the material with a special light, we check your bite and make adjustments for a perfect, comfortable fit. We finish by shaping and polishing it so that it looks, feels and functions like your original tooth.
Tooth-Colored Fillings Manhattan Beach, CA
The Benefits of
Composite Fillings
While cavities and damage were treated for years with silver amalgam fillings, dentistry is constantly advancing leading to new and improved materials, such as tooth-colored fillings. They have a number of advantages over traditional versions. Composite fillings:
  • Match the color and appearance of your teeth (no dark, metallic spots!)
  • Are made from safe, biocompatible materials that don’t contain metal or mercury
  • Are bonded directly to the tooth restoring most of its original strength
  • Don’t require as much tooth to be removed allowing more of the natural structure to remain intact
  • Can be combined with other materials
  • Don’t interfere with x-rays so there’s no need to worry about decay forming underneath of a filling and going undetected
  • Result in less sensitivity to hot and cold
Before & After
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Tooth-colored fillings are 90 to 95% as strong as your natural tooth.
Composite fillings contain zero mercury.
92% of adults aged 20 to 64 have had cavities in their permanent teeth.
We offer gentle, state-of-the-art restorative dentistry for all of your smile concerns.