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Are you self-conscious about your smile but hesitant to spend years wearing braces?

Thankfully, you can straighten your teeth without the hassle of metal brackets and wires using Invisalign. The treatment is a comfortable, convenient, under-the-radar alternative to braces. It involves a series of removable, clear aligner trays that incrementally shift your teeth into place. No one will even notice you’re wearing them, so you can achieve a gorgeous grin and look great doing it. Manhattan Dental Care Studio is an Invisalign Preferred Provider, which means our team has significant experience in treating a wide variety of cases with the teeth-straightening system. You’ll receive personalized, expert care for stunning results in Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Hermosa Beach, Marina del Rey, and the greater South Bay and Los Angeles areas.
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The Basics
Smile Perfecting on Your Terms
Malocclusion, or an improper bite, can come in many forms, including an overbite, crossbite, underbite, openbite, spacing or crowding. When the teeth and jaws aren’t aligned properly, not only does the appearance of your smile suffer, it can also cause uneven wear, a diminished ability to chew properly, headaches and jaw pain and make you more susceptible to tooth decay, bone and tooth loss and periodontal disease. For years, the only real solution was a gleaming mouthful of metal braces. Well, not any more!

Invisalign in Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Redondo Beach, & Hermosa Beach

While Invisalign is a form of orthodontic treatment and corrects malocclusion like braces do, it relies on a series of clear, smooth, BPA-free plastic aligners created according to the specifications of Dr. Gutierrez. These aligners apply steady, gentle force to move the teeth a little bit more with each set. Since we take precise digital impressions with our iTero Element Scanner and create a 3D model of your mouth, tooth movements are more predictable and accurate so you may be able to finish treatment faster than you could with braces. Best of all, the aligners are virtually invisible and you can take them out to brush, floss and eat, allowing you to receive all of the perks of traditional orthodontic treatment without the nuisance or hardware. Simply pop in a new pair of aligners every two weeks and watch as your smile takes shape.
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No One Needs to Know
Smooth, transparent aligners slip right over your teeth. No one will even notice you’re wearing them.
Eat With Freedom
Invisalign is removable so there are zero food restrictions. Continue to eat all of your favorites things!
Doing What You Love
The convenient clear aligner system is hardware-free and won’t get in the way of your busy lifestyle.
Straight Teeth:
More than a Cosmetic Issue
Straightening your teeth has benefits beyond the obvious beautiful smile. Here are some ways Invisalign can boost your oral health:
  • Straighter teeth are easier to clean so you can more effectively banish the bacteria and plaque that lead to gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Invisalign can help us address periodontal disease. When teeth are in proper alignment, gum pocket depth is decreased and the gums fit more snugly around the teeth.
  • Being able to remove Invisalign to brush and floss is another huge plus as you can still care for your teeth and gums and you won’t run the risk of the inflammation that often occurs with braces.
  • Your ability to chew and speak properly will be improved.
  • Fixing spacing and crowding prevents bone deterioration, which can lead to tooth loss and other problems.
  • Repositioning the jaw can be helpful in alleviating TMJ pain and its associated symptoms, such as headaches.
  • Invisalign can move your teeth into a better position for veneers and other cosmetic procedures.
  • All of your healthy tooth structure can be preserved and unlike some cosmetic choices, no enamel needs to be removed.
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Treatment times can be as much as 50% faster.
Over 1 million people are currently being treated with Invisalign.
Invisalign has a 96% satisfaction rate among patients.
Invisalign Procedure
The high-tech Invisalign procedure involves innovation every step of the way.
Invisalign FAQs
Find the answers to your most pressing questions about Invisalign treatment.
Achieve a healthy, beautiful smile without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Find out if Invisalign treatment is right for you.