5 Reasons to Use Invisalign

By October 29, 2018Invisalign
Reasons to Use Invisalign

Braces have historically been given a negative connotation generally, mainly because of their imposing nature. Nobody loves the idea of having metal appliances attached to their teeth, sitting in their mouth for a year or more.

The Invisalign clear aligner system was designed for patients who want to fix their smile without the discomfort and embarrassment of traditional metal braces. The system uses a series of clear aligners that fit over your teeth to gently, but effectively, move your teeth into perfect alignment. Orthodontists have successfully treated patients crowded teeth, overbite, underbite, open bite, crossbite, and gap teeth using the Invisalign system.

Here are five reasons to use Invisalign to fix your smile:

1. The Invisalign system straightens your teeth without the need for traditional metal braces

The Invisalign system uses crystal-clear custom aligners to mould your teeth into position. When the aligners are in your mouth, people will barely be able to tell you are wearing an orthodontic appliance! Adults who do not want to feel embarrassed by a mouth full of traditional metal braces will enjoy the low-profile of the Invisalign system.

2. The Invisalign straightening trays are removable and easy-to-clean

With Invisalign, there’s no need to worry about the hassle of keeping complicated orthodontic appliances clean. The trays simply pop out when it’s time to eat or brush your teeth. A quick rinse of the tray is sufficient for keeping them free of debris. For best results, be sure to wear your Invisalign clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day.

3. With Invisalign, you can continue to enjoy the foods you love

While undergoing Invisalign treatment, you can still eat your favorite foods. Traditional braces restrict the patient from eating anything that hard, chewy, or sticky which may damage the metal brackets and wires. But with Invisalign, you can easily remove the trays so that they don’t get damaged while eating.

4. Invisalign saves you time by delivering faster results with fewer appointments

With the traditional braces you have to visit the doctor every month to fix the braces according to your teeth alignment. But with the Invisalign system, you will receive a set of trays that are swapped out every few weeks, eliminating the need to make monthly trips to the orthodontist’s office.

5. The Invisalign system is much more comfortable for patients than traditional braces

Patients with traditional braces commonly complain of sores on the inside of their mouth caused by the metal brackets and discomfort following their monthly office visits to get their braces “tightened.” With the Invisalign system you are able to avoid both these common complaints and enjoy a more comfortable orthodontic experience.

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