5 Resolutions to Make for the Sake of Your Smile

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As the new year approaches many of us make resolutions and set new goals — usually these goals have something to do with our vocations, our fitness, our health, maybe even learning a new skill of some sort.

Even though taking special care of your teeth and gums might seem like it’s sort of low on the priority list for 2019, it’s more important than ever to have a nice, sparkling set of pearly whites. Not only will having a sparkling, healthy open new doors for you in many realms, it will also help you maintain your overall health.

It’s true. Study after study supports the idea that gum disease has been shown to be linked to all sorts of awful health problems like diabetes, heart disease, and more.

Read on for a few resolutions you can set that will help you stay on top of your oral health this year. You won’t regret it!

1.) Bring a Travel Brush with You

Whether you’re at work or at play, packing an extra travel brush will help you take care of your smile when it counts. When you’re out and about eating and drinking, you’re doing an inside job to your teeth that can create real problems down the road.

2.) Brush Properly

After eating any sort of sugary or acidic foods, make sure to wait 20-40 minutes before brushing, that way your mouth can neutralize the acids. Otherwise, you can do damage to your enamel. Brush and floss twice a day with a soft bristle toothbrush. Mouthwash is optional. Stay on top of your oral health routine because it’s the cornerstone of a healthy smile.

3.) Keep Your Routine Check-Ups and Dental Exams

Keeping your check-ups and oral health examinations at Manhattan Dental Care Studio twice a year will help you stay on top of any problems before they become more serious issues. We can clean away plaque and harmful bacteria that might be lingering — even after your diligent brushing.

4.) Eat and Drink with Your Smile in Mind

This means staying away from sugary foods and candies. If you’re going to eat almonds, try to opt for chopped. Drink plenty of water and stay away from sodas and carbonated beverages. Limit snacking in between meals and, as mentioned above, packing a travel toothbrush is always clutch. Try to be the designated driver when you can — it’s the responsible choice and that old fashioned or Manhattan can really do a number on your teeth.

5.) Quit Using Tobacco Products

If you partake here and there, it happens. However, smoking or using chewing tobacco can stain your teeth and is harmful to your mouth in more ways than one. If your resolution in 2019 is to quit smoking for your health, you’d also be doing your oral health a huge service as well.

If you have any additional questions about how you can maintain your oral health year-round, contact Manhattan Dental Care Studio today. We have a demonstrated history of improving smiles for patients of all ages.

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