Dental implants are an amazing tooth replacement that can dramatically improve your appearance and quality of life. In fact, dental implants placed by the Cosmetic Dentist Manhattan Beach, CA look and feel so much like your real teeth, that it’s easy to forget that they require some special care to guarantee maximum longevity.

A dental implant is made up of a small titanium post capped off with a dental restoration. The post is surgically placed in the jawbone and will eventually act as the base for the dental restoration. This restoration (or dental crown) is then attached to the implant and acts as the functioning part of your replacement tooth.

The implant itself is stable and will remain in place permanently, but it’s important to remember that the visible part of the unit is a dental crown. Just like any other dental restoration, the crown can be damaged if not cared for properly.

Protect Your Dental Implant From Damage

A dental implant placed by the Cosmetic Dentist Manhattan Beach, CA will last for many years. But the attached dental crown must be treated with care. You need to protect it from breakage and avoid biting down on foods like nuts or hard candies that can crack, chip, or loosen the crown. Other problems like bruxism (teeth grinding) can also compromise the integrity of the crown.

How to Clean Your Dental Implant

You can care for your dental implant by brushing and flossing normally as you would your natural teeth. Be sure to schedule regular dental exams with your dentist and cleanings with your hygienist so that your implant can be checked periodically to make sure that it is structurally sound.

Please Contact Our Office for More Information

If you have questions about your dental implant or restoration, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We will be happy to schedule an appointment to check the condition of your implant to make sure it is functioning properly.

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