Dr. Firshein Explains the Importance of Maintaining Excellent Oral Health

Our mouths require as much care as the rest of our body. Many people focus on superficial needs of their mouth without understanding that their mouth is also a breeding ground for bacteria if not properly maintained. The most efficient way to maintain your oral health is to schedule routine examinations and professional dental cleanings twice a year with your Dentist Manhattan Beach, California.

It is essential to brush and floss regularly in order to keep bacteria at bay. It is imperative that you maintain your dental hygiene by meticulously brushing your teeth. Be certain to include this important oral hygiene task into your daily routine, especially if you drink beverages that stain the teeth like coffee and red wine. Drinking coffee, tea and red wine or using tobacco products increase your risk of stains that will require bleaching treatments to correct.

Plaque build-up can lead to tooth loss. When plaque builds up over time it will harden into a substance known as calculus. This cement-like deposit seeps into the gums and gives bacteria an entry point to sub gingival structures. Without proper tools to remove this substance bacteria will continue to multiply and the colonization will lead to periodontal problems.

If left untreated, an abscess could develop. Your immune system will naturally try to combat the foreign organisms, causing an inflammatory response. The patient will notice that the area around the tooth is swollen and the abscess is likely to cause great discomfort, especially when the specific tooth is used to chew.

If this is not resolved, the bacteria may travel to the nervous tissue, maxillary sinus and in severe cases, even the brain. Your oral cavity is made up of vital tissue, and although our immune system fights off infection, it may not be enough to prevent a serious infection from occurring and spreading. Practice diligent at-home oral hygiene and make regular appointments with your Manhattan Beach Cosmetic Dentist to maintain good oral health.

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