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Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment for adults who have been putting off treatment because they don’t want the inconvenience of wearing traditional metal braces. Unlike the metal braces, the Six Month Smiles system available at our Manhattan Beach Cosmetic Dentist office uses tooth-colored (white) brackets and plastic wires that are barely visible.

Six Month Smiles Braces are appropriate for correcting spaces, gaps, crooked, or crowded teeth. If the teeth that show in your smile aren’t straight, Six Month Smile may be the perfect solution for you.

Are Six Month Smiles Braces the Same As Regular Braces?

The action of Six Month Smiles braces is very similar to conventional adult orthodontics with the important difference that with Six Month Smiles the focus of the treatment is on the teeth that show in your smile. The goal of Six Month Smiles is to give you a smile you can be proud of in a reasonable amount of time.

Many people who have alignment issues do not have a problem with their dental bite. Traditional long-term adult orthodontics are designed to perfect your bite in your back teeth, but treatment with Six Month Smiles can be finished more quickly than traditional braces because the focus is not on changing your bite

Will It Really Take Only Six Months?

Most Six Month Smiles cases handled by our dentist will take about six months. But since everyone has different needs, some may take less time and some will take longer than six months. The great majority of cases take six months.

Do Six Month Smile Braces Move Teeth Faster Than Normal Braces?

Six Month Smiles uses very light and safe forces to move teeth at the same rate as traditional braces. The teeth are not being moved faster, but the treatment is completed sooner. Your front teeth (those that show when you smile) move faster than your back teeth.

Traditional braces take longer because there is an additional goal of perfecting the bite in your back teeth. Six Month Smiles braces placed by the Manhattan Beach Cosmetic Dentist do not address the bite in your back teeth, so the treatment stops once the front teeth are positioned in a cosmetically pleasing arrangement. The rate of tooth movement is the same, but the total treatment time is faster.

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