Root Canal Infection Symptoms

Due to advances in modern dentistry treatment, root canal therapy can be quick, efficient, and virtually pain-free. Patients at our Manhattan Beach Dentist office frequently tell us that their root canal therapy was far easier than they imagined it would be. For most patients it is a necessary procedure, so it’s important to understand that root canal therapy can be as manageable as most any other dental procedure.

If a tooth is extensively diseased and decayed, root canal treatment will likely need to be performed. Root canal therapy treats the space inside the tooth that is filled with pulp tissue. This inner tooth structure contains arteries, veins, and connective tissue. If infection occurs within this delicate structure, it begins to break down, leading to pain and inflammation. You may experience any of these symptoms:

  • Tenderness of the tooth or pain when pressure is applied
  • Tooth sensitivity and pain from hot or cold materials
  • Gum tenderness, swelling or a raised bump on the gum
  • Intense toothaches
  • Raised bumps on the gums

The purpose of root canal therapy is to clear away bacteria and infected nerve tissue, thereby maintaining the structure of the tooth. The space that results from this procedure is thoroughly cleansed and sealed with a filling. Antibiotics will be prescribed to fight any remaining infection.

Many patients avoid treatment because they experience extreme anxiety when faced with the need for a root canal. As a result the infection intensifies and becomes more serious. Left untreated, this infection can cause serious complications such as:

  • Abnormal swelling of the face and neck
  • Dental deterioration, resulting in holes in dental enamel
  • Loss of jawbone density and bone strength

A dental professional can assess your dental health and determine if you require a root canal. Dr. Firshein and our entire team are focused is on helping you overcome your fear and anxiety about the procedure to ensure your continued oral health.

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