How Preventive Care Can Save Teeth

Healthy, natural teeth are stable, aesthetically pleasing and vital to a patient’s overall oral health. At the Manhattan Beach Dentist office we educate our patients in order to stress the importance of preventive dental care to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

Staying a Step Ahead of Oral Disease

We recommend a combination of routine dental cleanings, exams, and education about proper oral hygiene practices. Our patients benefit from the knowledge that their teeth are healthy and free of cavities.

Plaque forms on the surface of tooth enamel and between teeth as we consume food and drinks on a daily basis. Food that lingers on your teeth attracts bacteria, causing plaque to form on surfaces and between teeth. Plaque is a harmful a sticky combination of bacteria and sugars that damage teeth because the acidity eats away at healthy dental enamel. Proper at-home oral hygiene can play an important role in removing a certain amount of plaque buildup from dental enamel.

Routine Professional Cleanings

But it is just not possible to reach every crevice of your teeth, even with the most conscientious oral hygiene practices. Plaque that remains on your teeth eventually hardens into tartar, or “calculus.” Tartar calcifies on the teeth and creates a perfect environment for enamel-eroding bacteria and sugars that damage healthy tooth structure.

Once tartar builds up on your teeth, it can only be removed by a dentist through deep cleaning. Dental professionals have always understood the important role that prevention plays in preserving healthy teeth. That is why the Manhattan Beach Dentist urges patients to schedule professional dental cleanings twice a year for a healthy, cavity-free smile.

Oral Health and Physical Health

The need for preventive maintenance has become even more important as dentists continue to learn about the connection between oral health and diseases of the body. Current research shows that chronic oral infections and decay can increase a patient’s risk of heart disease, respiratory disorders, and stroke.

Maintaining the healthy condition of your teeth preserves your oral health and protects your overall physical well being. We are committed to helping our patients achieve this goal, and we will be happy to work with you to develop a specific treatment plan to ensure your optimal oral health. Please call the Manhattan Beach Dentist to arrange your next cleaning and exam.

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