Reducing the Chances of Cavities in Your Child’s Smile

Reducing the Chance of Dental Cavities

Your child can benefit from having an early preventive plan to maintain their oral health as they approach their adolescent and adult years. Good practices and habits early on can result in rewarding outcomes for the future appearance and health of their smile. These habits start from establishing regular oral hygiene routines and making regular check-up appointments with the dentist. In addition, provide them with the education they will need for the prevention of problems that can affect their long-term health.

Here are several tips you can apply to help your child prevent cavities and keep their teeth and gums in good shape.

Establish Good Brushing and Flossing Habits

This means brushing a minimum of two times per day and flossing daily. These consistent routines can be some of the most rewarding ways staving off cavities and gum disease through childhood.

Minimize Intake of Sugar, Starch, and Carbohydrates

Early signs of plaque can accelerate when children consume large quantities of goods containing sugar, starch, and carbohydrates. Maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet that includes fruits, grains, vegetables, lean protein foods, and dairy products is ideal for healthy teeth development and growth.

Twice Per Year Dental Visits

A routine dental exam and professional teeth cleaning can help locate any issues early and clean areas that are difficult to reach with a standard toothbrush.

Use Dental Sealants

A popular form of treatment for children, dental sealants offer additional layers of protection for the back teeth, which can be particularly vulnerable to bacteria that cause decay. In addition, you can use topical fluoride treatments to help strengthen the teeth and further reduce the risks of decay.

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