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The first reaction most people have to thought of root canal treatment is anxiety, and with good reason. Until recently, root canal therapy was a long and uncomfortable process for the patient. But recent advances in dental technology and techniques at the office of the Root Canal Dentist Manhattan Beach, CA have made this treatment much more efficient and comfortable.

When tooth may become severely decayed, the decay can extend into the root canal. This is the area inside the root of your tooth that holds pulp, nerves, and tissue. When this happens, you will most likely experience severe discomfort and pain, and a root canal is necessary to save the tooth. A root canal may also be necessary if periodontal infection (gum disease) is not treated, allowing the infection to penetrate into the root canal.

What Does Having a Root Canal Involve?

Root canal therapy is necessary to completely get rid of infected material from inside your tooth. First we will numb the area being treated so that you feel no discomfort.  We can also recommend dental sedation to help with anxiety. Then a small hole is made in the back of your tooth to provide access to the inner portion of your tooth so the dentist can remove the infected material. After the infection is removed, we thoroughly cleanse the tooth. The tooth is then sealed and filled for protection. A dental crown is placed over the tooth to protect and strengthen it.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Help?

We understand that root canals can cause anxiety for many people. Our team is trained to use dental sedation to help you relax during the procedure. We may recommend nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas), which helps you feel very calm while we are treating your tooth. If you have a high level of anxiety, we can prescribe an oral medication to be taken before you arrive at our office. With sedation dentistry, many patients feel little or no discomfort whatsoever.

Only the Root Canal Dentist Manhattan Beach, CA can determine if you need a root canal. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort or your tooth is sensitive to touch, you may need a root canal. Please contact our office so that we can provide the treatment you need.

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