Take Advantage of Your Dental Insurance Before 2018 Ends!

Dental Insurance

When it comes to dental insurance, if you have it, use it!

Many dental insurance plans run on a traditional calendar year, and your benefits, unfortunately, do not roll over like minutes would with some cell phone plans.

If you take advantage of your remaining dental insurance benefits you can save yourself hundreds in spending.

Your dental benefits are going to reset at the beginning of 2019 anyways, so it’s important to take advantage now! If not, you’ll lose out on your unused benefits after 12/31/18. In short, this means that your dental dollars are going to disappear when your dental insurance plan renews at the beginning of the year.

Many Folks Aren’t Using their Insurance Benefits

In 2016 the ADA published a surprising study which found that almost 40% of individuals with dental insurance didn’t have a single claim within their respective year. This resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars being wasted each year on insurance.

Don’t wait for an emergency to use your insurance. You can use your insurance for check-ups and routine cleanings that will help you avoid costly procedures, like root canals.

There Might Be Fee Increases!

The fact that your monthly fee might increase is another reason to maximize what you get out of what you’ve spent this year. Many dentists raise their rate at the start of each year to make up for cost of operation, increases in cost of materials, as well as increase in cost of equipment. These fee increases can often make your copay higher, too. That’s why you should make it a point to see your dentist while your copay rates remain where they are.

There’s also the undeniable fact that when you delay treatment, you’re opening yourself up to damage that can cause costly problems down the road.

The solution? Contact Manhattan Dental Care today to schedule your consultation. We’ll make sure you get the most out of your insurance before the year’s end.

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