Tips for Dealing with Dental Anxiety

Unfortunately, overwhelming fear and anxiety over dental visits makes it easy to “forget” to schedule regular appointments. Dental anxiety is a very common problem that affects millions of people. We understand your concerns, but postponing dental treatment almost always results in more invasive and more costly treatment.

At our Manhattan Beach Sedation Dentist office, your comfort and feeling of well-being are of utmost importance to our team. If you suffer from dental anxiety, we will work closely with you to find the best way to reduce your stress level. We employ the most advanced dental technology, including minimally invasive procedures that can virtually eliminate any discomfort.

But these factors alone may not give you the peace of mind you’re looking for when visiting the dentist. So what can you do to help alleviate this anxiety? Feeling a loss of control contributes to dental phobia, so here are some practical tips that put you in charge of your treatment, making treatment comfortable and stress-free.

Communicate with your dentist – You may find it embarrassing to talk about your fear, but your dentist needs to be aware of your anxiety in order to take the necessary precautions during treatment.

Agree on a signal – Patients are often afraid that the dentist won’t know when and if they are experiencing pain or anxiety, and this contributes to their fear. Agree to a signal with your dentist beforehand.

Use throat spray – If you worry about gagging, sprays used for sore throats can help to keep the gag reflex under control for the duration of the appointment.

Sedation – Sedation offers an excellent solution for many patients who would not otherwise be able to go through necessary treatment. Discuss the different types of sedation options available with your dentist before the appointment so you know exactly what to expect.

The best way to combat dental phobia, however, is to gather information beforehand. At the Manhattan Beach Sedation Dentist office we are always available for a consultation to discuss procedures and treatments to help you understand exactly what your appointment will involve.

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