Why Veneers Are a Life-Changer

Veneers Game Changer

The odds are, you will never be known worldwide for your gleaming smile. On the other hand, you could learn a trick from the likes of George Clooney, Demi Moore, Tom Cruise, and Hilary Duff about how to get  a Hollywood smile at a non-celebrity price. All of them upgraded the imperfect set of teeth they were born with by simply having customized veneers pasted on the fronts of those that needed some help.

Veneers are thin pieces of strong dental porcelain that look just like natural teeth, personalized with the same shade of white as the neighboring ones not receiving this relatively simple and cost-effective cosmetic treatment. Or you can choose to have all the teeth that show, even if they are not damaged, given another shade by the top dental lab we work with that crafts them according to your exact preferences.

This could change your life in some surprising ways. We like to think we are always making rational decisions based on data, that we would not make snap judgments about people we don’t really know. Yet studies show that when people meet each other for the first time, almost all of them have instantaneous reactions about what they believe the others are like. And much of that has to do with a nice, friendly smile. That includes job interviews, first dates, negotiations between companies, court appearances, introductions on the street or in stores, at church or synagogue, and other situations.

At such an important moment, you might not be thinking about whether your teeth look stained, crooked, or chipped.  But those conditions could lead someone to believe that you don’t care about personal appearance or take care of your health. Or if you don’t smile out of embarrassment, that could make you seem unfriendly.

It is easy enough to brush right after drinking coffee, tea, red wine and other beverages and foods that cause discoloration, then use over-the-counter whitening or even a stronger one at the dental office. But some staining is very hard to avoid and remove, such as from medications and smoking, while root canal problems can make a tooth appear dark or yellow. Veneers can also cover gaps between teeth, change the appearance of those that are a bit crooked, and fix teeth that are misshapen, too small or too large compared with neighboring teeth. 

Call for an appointment today to have your cosmetic dentistry options assessed with a future that starts with a more beautiful smile thanks to veneers. Our practice serves Marina del Rey, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, South Bay, and surrounding areas.

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