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Restoring Your Smile with Dental Implants

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Lots of people see dental implants as a new solution for replacing missing teeth. In fact, dental implants have been producing amazing results for over 25 years! At the Manhattan Beach Cosmetic Dentist office, we have all the skills necessary to place durable dental implants to transform your smile.

How does a dental implant work?

A dental implant is a small titanium post that is implanted in your jaw. This little post is extremely strong and acts as the replacement for the root portion of a missing natural tooth. Since titanium is a biocompatible material, the implant integrates with surrounding bone to create a stable base for the new replacement tooth.

What do I need to know about dental implants?

  • Dental implants have been used successfully for over 25 years. They have proven to be a reliable and durable tooth replacement option.
  • Since dental implants are free-standing, they do not put strain on surrounding natural teeth.
  • Dental implants will not decay like natural teeth.
  • Most dental implant patients report that they are virtually pain-free after placement.
  • Replacing missing teeth is extremely important to maintain oral health. When a tooth is removed, the jawbone can shrink. This can cause your face to have a sunken appearance, making you look older than you are.
  • Unlike a bridge or crown, there are no “loose” parts to worry about. When properly placed by our dentist, dental implants are stable and comfortable with no adjustment required after placement.

Will dental implants work for me?

Anyone missing one or more teeth due to injury, disease or tooth decay is a candidate for dental implants. Your overall health is one of the most important considerations, and generally if you’re healthy enough to have a tooth extracted, you’re probably healthy enough to have dental implants placed. The determining factor, though, is the amount of bone available for placement of the implant.

Contact our Manhattan Beach Cosmetic Dentist office to set up a free consultation to discuss your situation, and we can evaluate if dental implants are a viable solution for you. Your satisfaction and the strength and durability of the implant are extremely important considerations, and you need to feel confident that you’re being cared for by a dental professional who can deliver on all counts.