Periodontal Disease

Achieving Oral Health Through Preventive Care

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Dental infections and periodontal disease not only affect the appearance of your smile but can destroy your oral health. Neglecting routine at-home oral and professional care places you at greater risk of losing teeth and bone density. At some point when you finally do try to “catch up” you may face painful complications that require extensive cosmetic procedures in order to restore the appearance of your smile.

Routine Prevention is the Key

Prevention is the key to maintaining a beautiful healthy smile. By making your dental care a priority you can save you the future cost and embarrassment of dental disease. One of the goals of the Manhattan Beach Dentist is to educate our patients on effective ways to prevent cavities and gum disease. Even the most consistent routine of brushing and flossing is not enough to maintain a healthy smile. Practicing good at-home oral hygiene is vital, but it must be paired with professional dental cleanings to be really effective.

Many of our patients understand the importance of following good oral health by following proper oral hygiene routines and avoiding damaging food and drinks. As we eat, drink, and speak a sticky bacterial film called plaque coats tooth enamel and oral tissue. Flossing and brushing help to remove some plaque build-up but cannot eliminate it completely. The plaque that is not removed hardens into a substance called tartar. Tartar continues to build up on teeth, causing dental decay, gum disease, and eventually tooth loss unless it is removed by your dentist during regular professional cleanings.

Steps You Can Take

You can easily take control of your dental health by:

  • Maintaining a proactive at-home cleaning schedule (to reduce daily plaque build-up)
  • Seeing your dentist for semi-annual professional cleanings (to remove tartar and give you a “clean slate” for brushing and flossing).

It is never too late to get back on track with your dental health routine. Start by scheduling a visit with Manhattan Beach Dentist office to give yourself and your family the best possible chance for optimal oral health.

Periodontal Disease Concerns

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Periodontal disease is a serious oral health concern affecting millions of people. At our Manhattan Beach Dentist office, we have always educated our patients about the harmful effects of periodontal disease on dental health. But recent research has also established a strong connection between periodontal disease and other chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy complications and respiratory disease.


It has been shown that individuals with pre-existing diabetic conditions are likely to be more susceptible to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease increases blood sugar levels, making it a challenge to control the amount of glucose in the blood. This factor alone can increase the risk of serious diabetic complications.

Heart Disease

Several theories exist which connect heart disease and periodontitis. One theory is that oral bacteria present with periodontal disease can attach themselves to coronary arteries when they enter the bloodstream. This in turn contributes to the formation of blood clots and a narrowing of the coronary arteries.

Another theory suggests that inflammation caused by periodontal disease causes an increased build-up of arterial plaque. This can inflame the arteries and worsen pre-existing heart conditions. It has been suggested that patients whose bodies react to periodontal bacteria are at increased risk of developing heart disease.

Pregnancy Complications

Women in general are more prone to developing periodontal disease because of hormonal fluctuations occurring continuously as they go through life and the aging process. Research indicates that pregnant women suffering from periodontal disease are at greater risk of delivering underweight, premature babies.

Respiratory Disease

Oral bacteria associated with gum disease have been shown to be a potential threat to sufferers of emphysema, pneumonia and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). These bacteria can be drawn into the lower respiratory tract during the course of normal inhalation and create bacterial infections. Repeated infections which characterize COPD may be linked with periodontitis.

As you can see, periodontal disease can create significant and serious concerns far beyond ­­­­oral health alone. The good news is that periodontal disease is a highly preventable and treatable disease if caught immediately. Be sure to protect your oral and overall general health by contacting our Manhattan Beach Dentist office to schedule regular dental examinations and cleanings.

Details of Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment

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Periodontal disease is a serious oral health issue that can affect more than the health of your gums. Occasionally we see patients at our Manhattan Beach California Laser Dentist office who are already showing signs of gum disease such as swollen or tender gums, bleeding when brushing or flossing, bad breath, etc., but don’t realize that these are symptoms of periodontal disease.

Even patients who understand that these symptoms indicate gum disease often put off treatment because they’ve had a painful experience in the past with invasive treatment like gum surgery.

If you need treatment for serious gum disease, you’ll be relieved to know that modern, non-surgical periodontal treatment like LANAP make invasive cutting of tender gum tissue a thing of the past.

What is LANAP?

LANAP is an acronym for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, a patented technology that offers a patient-friendly alternative to gum surgery. For you this means less discomfort and pain, less treatment time, and a significantly shorter recovery time.

Where can I obtain LANAP treatment?

We are pleased to be able to offer this treatment right here in our Manhattan Beach California Laser Dentist office. We can schedule a complimentary consultation, explaining how the laser works and giving you a demonstration. Then we take X-rays to accurately diagnose the extent of the infection.

What can I expect on the day of treatment?

On the day of your first procedure, we’ll numb the treatment area with a local anesthetic, eliminating any possible discomfort. A tiny laser fiber is inserted between the tooth and gum, and the infection is cleared away.

This is completed quickly, taking only two 2-hour sessions; the first session treating one half of your mouth and the second treating the other. You will experience so little discomfort that you’ll probably be able to carry on with the rest of your day as usual.

It is extremely important to note that periodontal disease can progress without any symptoms. Regular examinations and cleanings with your dentist can identify potential problems before they become costly and difficult to treat. Please contact our office, and we will be happy to schedule an appointment for an exam and cleaning.